X-Repair Technology

X-Repair is a proprietary and patented surgical mesh with high tensile stiffness and strength, similar to native tendon that is sutured over torn or degenerative tissue as reinforcement. The mesh is biocompatible, and allows rapid tissue in-growth.

X-Repair is created with superior mechanical properties including a high suture retention strength which allows it to be sutured in situ and augment surgical repair:

  • Tensile modulus 500 MPa
  • Tensile strength (2.5 cm wide device)
    2500 N
  • Suture retention strength (2.5 cm wide device) 550 N

  X-Repair material

X-Repair is:

  • specifically designed to reinforce surgical repair of tendon and other soft tissues, including reinforcement of rotator cuff, patellar, Achilles, biceps and quadriceps tendons. The implant defrays the load placed on the sutures, and acts as a scaffold for torn tissue that is too fragile to maintain a strong connection to bone.
  • fabricated from poly-L-lactic acid, a slowly degradable synthetic polymer with an outstanding safety record that is used in many clinical and implantable devices. The material degrades slowly, retaining more than 90% of its mechanical properties over 12 months, thereby allowing the natural repair process to occur before it dissolves.
  • manufactured within tight specifications and offers superior reliability over allograft or xenograft materials as there is no concern with donor tissue variation, or disease transmission from the donor.
  • is designed for use in open, mini-open and arthroscopic surgeries.
  • manufactured in a variety of sizes, addressing a large range of tendon and soft tissue defects requiring surgical repair.

As shown in the graph below, X-Repair has mechanical properties similar to rotator cuff tendon (Adapted from Figure 1 in Derwin et al, JBJS, 2006):

X-Repair Chart