HS Split Stitch

The HS Split Stitch uses the HS Fiber (20 inches) with both ends returned to a ½ circle taper needle, forming a suture loop with needle attached. It is available in two different colors (white and blue/white). It is used for variety of surgical procedures, and is particularly useful in arthroscopic surgery for passing sutures through X-Repair and soft tissues. It is supplied with a ½ circle taper needle.

Catalog # USP/EP Color Needle Tensile strength (lbf) Knot pull strength (lbf)
HSSW-Z505 2/5 Metric White ½ circle taper 78.1 38.0
HSSB-Z506 2/5 Metric White/Blue ½ circle taper 78.1 38.0
HS Split Stitch
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